Person Responsible for Electrical Safety (PRES) Training

The PTA is working with the wider public sector to ensure that our response to the emerging situation is appropriate and in the best interests of our employees, contractors, and passengers. The PTA has implemented the following protocols.
  • Smaller class sizes to reflect Government social distancing directives
  • Enhanced cleaning regime across our operation and facilities
Prior to Commencement of training at PTA:
  • Trainers and participants are required to sign a declaration of recent travel, close contact with a COVID-19 diagnosed person and flu-like symptoms. Anyone that answers yes and is considered to be at risk, will not be permitted to attend our training centres or to complete training.
During Attendance at training at PTA:
  • No handshaking. Consider a verbal greeting or polite nod in order to say hello.
  • Specific signage in all training rooms reinforcing the basic hygiene measures of washing hands, avoid touching face, covering coughing/sneezing with a tissue or inner elbow and staying away if unwell
  • Specific mention of these same hygiene measures at the commencement of all programs
  • Modification of training activities to ensure minimal contact or close interaction for extended periods
  • Cleaning sprays and paper towels in each training room for participants to use on their tables, mouse and keyboard where applicable.
The PTA is also currently investigating alternate delivery methods for training and information on this will be communicated when appropriate.


December 2, 2021

PTA Kwinana Training Centre
Lot 380 Butcher Street
Kwinana, Western Australia

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