Professional Development - VET Assessment Essentials

The TREC project managed by The Victorian TAFE Association is proud to partner with Chisholm’s Professional Educator College to present the VET Assessment Essentials series of FREE professional development webinars.  These webinars are available for VTA members only and they support the objectives of the project and further developing and building capability across the Victorian TAFE sector.

The following fourteen (14) webinars offer VET Educators the opportunity to review and refine their Assessment practices to develop effective competency-based assessments. Session topics sit within two streams:
  1. Understanding Assessments – learn how to unpack units, plan assessments, and conduct and participate in assessment validation.
  2. Refine Your Assessment Tools – learn how to write effective knowledge-based questions, role play scenarios, case studies, projects and observation checklists.

VET Educators! Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your own assessment tools.
Earn evidence of participation towards your Professional Currency requirements.

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June 21 - November 26, 2021

To register for a webinar, simply click on the link below and a form for that session will be presented. If you wish to register for more than one webinar, register for each separately.

Limits apply: 20 attendees per session.

Understanding assessments

Fundamentals of assessments  
Unpack units for effective assessment planning
Plan assessments
Conducting and participating in assessment validation

Refine your assessment tools
Write knowledge-based assessment instruments
Write activity-based assessment instruments
Write role-plays and case studies instruments
Write project-based assessments instruments
Write third party report instruments
Create robust observation checklists
Write clear assessment task instructions
Write clear assessor instructions
Write effective benchmarks
Develop effective mapping tools

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