1 January - 31 December, 2018

Adelaide Swords Club
62-80 Tynte St
North Adelaide Primary School
North Adelaide, South Australia

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Adelaide Swords Club Membership 2018 
Welcome to 2018 and the new online membership payment portal. 

Please select the number of memberships you wish to pay for below, and enter your personal details on the next page. 

If you have multiple members in the same family, check the discount codes at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any questions regarding membership structure or fees, speak to Maria Rawson at the club. 

Paying for your membership through this page will include automatic Fencing SA affiliation. If you have already purchased your Fencing SA 2018 affiliation, speak to Maria Rawson at the club to complete your club membership. 
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Membership     Price Quantity

Senior full year     $300.00
Junior (U20) full year     $190.00
Full time student full year      $190.00
Associate Membership     $.00
Half year memberships can be Jan-Jun OR Jul-Dec
Senior half year     $160.00
Junior (U20) half year     $100.00
Full time student half year      $100.00

Membership Types

Senior: any fencer who does not fall into a category below. 
Junior: aged 20 or younger on the 1st of January 2018 (same as Fencing SA affiliation category) 
Student: full time school or university student (same fees as junior, regardless of age)
Associate: family and friends who wish to support the club
Life: Adelaide Swords Club recognises those who have made an ongoing and outstanding contribution to the club. 

Family Discount
A discount of 20% applies to the second and subsequent memberships in each family. Please enter the following discount code if applicable. 
If you are unsure if a discount applies to you, or are not sure which one to use, speak to Maria before proceeding. 

1JNR Two family members fence: one is senior, (or junior) and the 2nd family member is junior OR full time student. Discount applied to junior membership fee.  Parent + child or 2 juniors
e.g. Kurbatfinskis, Howletts, Pattinson                                     
2JNR Three family members fence: one is senior, two are junior OR full time student. Discount applied to junior membership fees.  Parent + 2 children. 
e.g. Chandrans, Vingelis-Plants
1SNR Two family members fence: both are senior members. Discount applies to second senior member Husband/wife
Parent/adult child 
(e.g. Marshalls)            

2SNR Three family members fence: all are senior members. Discount applies to second and third memberships.  Parent + 2 adult children
Two parents + 1 adult child
 1SNR1JNR Three family members fence: two are senior, one is junior. DIscount applies to the junior membership fee and one senior.  Two parents + one child. 
E.g. Francis-Foales 

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