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118 Richmond Road
Marleston, South Australia

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A Great Gift Idea
and you help others at the same time

Every Saturday Morning, between 8.30am and Noon, the team from Rotary Club of Adelaide West open up the Arthritis SA Giant Book Shop.

Now you can purchase for yourself, your family and friends gift vouchers to redeem at the shop. There's a huge range of quality books, magazines and more.   read more >>

Why buy new books from a new book shop for $40 or more each, when you can get Current Titles from the Arthritis SA Book Shop for $2 or $3 each! What a Bargain!

A $20 Gift Voucher entitles your friend or loved one to 10 Books

A $40 Gift Voucher entitles them to 20 Books

A $50 Gift Voucher entitles them to 25 Books

They can choose from ANYTHING across the entire warehouse. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Reference. Kids Books. No exceptions. What a terrific present idea!

Fantastic value, and they money you spend today helps Arthritis SA continue
to run regular community education, exercise and pain management classes.

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Book Sale Gift Voucher.
Our team will welcome your recipient with open arms.
Registration     Price Quantity

$20 Gift Voucher (10 Books)     $20.00
$40 Gift Voucher (20 Books)     $40.00
$50 Gift Voucher (25 Books)     $50.00


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