I am going to School - 16 page booklet
This is a beautifully designed booklet, created with the child in mind.
The aim of this booklet is to help the transition process for children
moving to formal schooling.

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Ensuring a smooth transition to school
Transitioning to a school environment is a time of great change; it is filled with a range of experiences for children and their families. This transition period is one of anticipation and excitement, but there is also pressure and some stresses.

Children and their families will react individually to this time of change and this reaction can be different from child to child in a family. Experiences related to going to school can be rewarding but stressful transition experiences have been shown to not only have an adverse affect on the child’s cognitive, social and emotional capacity to learn, but can also become markers for their future academic achievements.

It is therefore important that we assist our children with the best possible transition experience through a collaborative approach between family, community, the education and care service and the school.
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