Diploma of Project Management

Suite 204, 33 Pirie Street
Adelaide, South Australia

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*Important Information*: Desired payment plan will be selectable on the next screen, please take the time to read the pricing breakdown shown below. Upon completing your registration, we will contact you on the next available working day to confirm your registration, payment plan and enrolment. The aforementioned Registration Fee is 100% refundable within 7 days.

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Event Details

Core program of the Diploma of Project Management is a 6 x 1 day program, along with elective courses.

Upcoming Classes:

Class A  
Day 01: 15th February  
Day 02: 15th March  
Day 03: 19th April  
Day 04: 17th May  
Day 05: 21st June  
Day 06: 19th July  
Class C Class D
Day 01: 4th July Day 01:12th September
Day 02: 5th July Day 02: 13th September
Day 03: 6th July Day 03: 14th September
Day 04: 6th February Day 04: 22nd May
Day 05: 7th February Day 05: 23rd May
Day 06: 8th February Day 06: 24th May
Class E Class F
Day 01: 11th July Day 01: 5th September
Day 02: 12th July Day 02: 6th September
Day 03: 13th July Day 03: 7th September
Day 04: 13th February Day 04: 8th May
Day 05: 14th February Day 05: 9th May
Day 06: 15th February Day 06: 10th May

Total investment for the qualification is $3550. (Price includes 6 x 1 day training, course notes, all assessments, one-on-one mentoring, templates, access to online resources via the Student Management System, tea & lunch during training and qualification parchments).

Pricing Breakdown
Standard Payment Plan:
$200 at the time of registration.
$800 prior to commencement of training.
$1,275 after 3 training sessions.
$1,275 after the remaining training sessions are completed.

12 Months Instalments Plan:
$200 at the time of registration which also serves as the first months' payment.
$305 monthly for 10 further months.
$300 for the last months' payment.

24 Months Instalments Plan:
$200 at the time of registration which also serves as the first months' payment.
$145 monthly for 22 further months.
$160 for the last months' payment.

*Please note that if undertaking the instalments options, unless an exception has been arranged, we would expect for payment to be completed prior to awarding a certificate.

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