Foundations of Group Facilitation
from Learning to Transformation

7 July, 2017


Gold Coast, QLD

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The first session is titled: Instructional Design for Holistic Learning
The purpose of this session is to:
  • help participants appreciate different learning styles
  • learn how to present training that meets the four major learning styles in each session
  • explore participants own preferred learning styles. This is important because people tend to facilitate learning in the way they prefer to learn
With an awareness of other preferred learning styles facilitators can purposely facilitate in ways that meet the needs of all learning styles in a group. This effects a robust form of learning that lasts rather than a transfer of information which can easily be forgotten. 

However, is it just facilitating learning we are aiming at? Or are we supporting people to engage in a process of transformation? The dynamics for transformation are more subtle.

In session two titled Constructing the Transformational Zone we consider how to optimise the group environment to facilitate change. This session includes:
  • a rapid overview of the tenets of current neuropsychotherapy
  • how we already respect these principles in group processes when they work 
  • we then explore how we can intentionally plan to run groups in a way that does justice to these tenets 
When transformation is not happening in a group or the change in participants is minimal, it is most likely that one or more of these necessary tenets is being overlooked. When facilitators can recognise this, they can go about addressing the issue.

Both sessions will be experiential, drawing on the considerable experience of the participants in the room.

Requirement: For the first session participants need to bring a simple lesson plan for a group topic they currently present: it doesn't matter what. This is an opportunity to transform a session that generally doesn't go that well, fine tune a session you commonly run or further develop a session you are in the process of crafting. The aim of the first session is to practice creating holist learning experiences for your group participants.

Our Trainer is Michael Schaefer.

Michael is a professional counsellor with considerable experience counselling, training and working with groups. He has particular interest in the neuroscience behind functional and therapeutic relationships and explores how the principles of these disciplines are embedded in educational and transformative group processes. 

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