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Give Your Business the Tourism Advantage

The South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC) is the peak body for South Australia's tourism industry.

SATIC membership provides solutions to your everyday business challenges.

We offer members the latest news and information, connections to other tourism and event professionals, input to our 'one voice' policy agenda, training and invaluable business advice to help you thrive and avoid pitfalls. 

SATIC works tirelessly as a respected advocate, supporter of industry, powerful ally, and partner to your business. We are your voice.

Please choose one membership option from the list below:
Membership Levels     Price Quantity

Small/Medium Business
will be based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff   
working in the business

Choose one of the below;
1-3 Staff (incl GST)     $328.90
4-8 Staff (incl GST)     $592.90
9-15 Staff (incl GST)     $680.90
16-25 Staff (incl GST)     $878.90
26-50 Staff (incl GST)     $1,098.90
Additional listing - An additional $199.00 +   
GST listing fee per additional business name and   
or state applies to;  National Companies that   
operate in multiple states, but operate   
under the same ABN and the same procedures.    
Additional trading names that operate under the   
same ABN and the same procedures.

Large Business (incl GST)     $1,650.00

Industry Leader Business (incl GST)     $5,390.00

Supporter of Tourism (incl GST)     $165.00
Student & Young Tourism Professionals (incl   

In addition to the annual fees above, a business may pay an 'Additional Listing fee' of $199 for  every additional brand or trading name owned and operated by the accredited business, provided the listing has the same ACN as the ATB and operates under the ATBs accredited procedures.
The additional listing fee enables the accredited business to use the ATAP Logo with the additional brand or trading name. The additional listing fee also provides the ATB with and additional listing on the consumer website. 

Need help? Please phone SATIC on 08 8110 0123
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Membership is valid for one year, at which time you will be invoiced for the following 12 months.  By completing the SATIC Membership registration you give SATIC permission to list your business contact details (including, phone, email and postal address) on (for accredited operators) and


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