2018 Rotary Zone 8 Conference - Hobart TAS

14 - 16 September, 2018

Grand Chancellor Hotel
1 Davey Street
Hobart, Tasmania

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Pre Conference Dinner - This dinner is open to all attendees including Clubs in the surrounding area.

PLEASE NOTE - The cost of this dinner for District Governors, District Governors Elect, District Governors Nominee, their partners and their training facilitators, has been covered in the District invoice. This means if you are in this category you do not need to register for the dinner, you are already included.

Future Leaders Seminar - This seminar is for Rotarians other than District Governors, District Governor Elects, District Governor Nominees and Past District Governors.
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Registration     $295.00
Registration - Rotaractor     $200.00
Youth Exchange Student Conference   
Future Leader Seminar - 13/09/2018 8.30AM     $150.00
Pre-Conference Dinner - 12/09/2018 6.30PM     $75.00
Rotary Foundation Seminar - 16/09/2018 1.30pm      $15.00

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