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The My247Alert is an innovative miniature sized mini mobile phone device (about the size of half a business card), but without the screen and key pad.

It is specially designed to monitor and protect people like you. In a panic situation, such as a fall or even a personal attack, simply pressing the SOS button will immediately alert your support team that you require help.

It will provide them your GPS location and then automatically call each of your numbers.

Note the devices are configured to operate on the 
900/2100MHZ frequency band. (This covers the Australian Optus 3G carrier. Reseller Amaysim provides a cost effective pay as you plan on the Optus network).

The My247Alert Package includes:
 - My247Alert device
 - Charging docking unit
 - micro USB cable
 - 240V/5V USB Power adaptor
 - Comprehensive User Guide instructions
 - Boxed presentation style package
 - PLUS,
 - Pre-delivery setup with c
onfiguration of up to 5 Support contact numbers.
 - Pre-delivery tests
 - Preparation of a detailed user guide 

Item     Price Quantity

My247Alert Package (Model M3G3)     $345.00
My247Alert Package (Model M3G5)     $345.00
M3G Upgrade     $345.00

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