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ONLINE DURATION: The time commitment for this self-paced course will approximately be 5-7 hours. Time is flexible but we recommend completing the course within three months.

Course overview:
This course aims to develop an understanding of self-regulation through an exploration of five domains, Biological, Emotional, Cognitive, Social and Prosocial. Children’s behaviours, how effectively they are able to respond to everyday challenges, the role adults play in co-regulation and how these are all related to self-regulation will be explored.
Throughout the course the role of the educator in supporting children’s self-regulation abilities will be discussed.

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Learning Outcomes
  • Self-regulation, so that both adults and  children may have,' a strong sense of identity'. 
  • Develop an awareness of strategies to enhance own and a child's self regulatory behaviors and emotions.
  • Share practical resources, experiences and ideas for professional  reflective practice. 
  • The relationship between self-regulation and self-control
  • How the body responds to ‘stressors’
  • A tool to use when considering the question ‘what is this behaviour telling me?’
  • The key attributes of the Biological Domain
  • Responses to sensory input in relation to the seven senses
  • A child’s explanation of sensory processing
  • The key attributes of the Emotional Domain.
  • The role of the educator in supporting emotion regulation.
  • The key attributes of the Cognitive Domain.
  • The role of the educator in supporting Cognitive regulation.
  • The key attributes of the Social and Prosocial Domains
  • The role co-regulation plays in children’s developing self-regulation skills
  • The role educators may play in supporting children to better understand social cues


A formal Thank you to Dr Shanker for providing his book: Shanker, S. (2013) Calm, Alert, and Learning. Classroom Strategies for Self Regulation. Pearson, Canada, Toronto

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