25 May, 2018
Plus 1 Hour for Sundowner
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Joondalup Resort
Country Club Boulevard

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  ADOHTA WA would like to invite you to their conference for 2018 to be held in Joondalup. 

The program will cover a great range of speakers including Dr Derek Mahony Orthodontist, Dr Sheyda Khadembaschi Paediatric Dentist, Dr Peter Kerrisk Periodontist & Ms Megan Reily.

 Thank you to our Sponsors                         

We've got it covered!                                 6.5 CPD HOURS                                                                
Dr Derek Mahony
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Paediatric Sleep Disorderd Breathing Problems
  • Orthodontic Management of complications following Dental Trauma
Dr Sheyda Khadembaschi
  • Good and Bad Habits - the positives and negatives of dummy sucking, digit sucking and tongue thrust swallow in infancy through to childhood.
Dr Peter Kerrisk
  • Conebeam CT for Periodonitis & Perimplantitis patients & how to determine a periodontal & Peri-implants prognosis
  • Indication & Techniques for Peridontal Surgery
Ms Megan Reily
  • Infection Prevention & Control Update

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