TES Conference 2017 Registration Form

22 - 23 March, 2017
9:00 AM

Mont Febe Hotel

Yaounde , Cameroon

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Thank you for your interest in participarting in the Towards Elimination of Schistosomiasis (TES) Conference 2017 in Cameroon, taking place in Yaounde, 22 -23 March. 

Please fill in the form below to register your attendance. 
Please note that the registration fee indicated below is in US Dollars, however, fees paid on site will only be paid in FCFA and not in US Dollars. 
Student Registration - 17 US Dollars = 10,000 FCFA
Standard Registration (Nationals ) - 41 US Dollars = 25,000 FCFA
Standrad Registration (Internationals) - 81 US Dollars = 50,000 FCFA
This event closed for registrations on 23/3/2017

Additional Information

Participants should please note that, if they wish to book a room at the Mont Febe Hotel or the other hotel options, they would need to indicate on this form and the conference team will make the reservation. ALL reservations made at the various hotels will have to paid in full when participants check-in at their hotel. 

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