Please Donate to Help the People of the Nepal Earthquake

We continue to raise much needed funds in 2016



Manikharka, Sandhikharka Nepal

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Directly Helping the People of Nepal in Remote Regions! Fast.

Your Donation today will be received by the Rotary Club of Adelaide West Charitable Trust and delivered directly to the people in immediate need of assistance in the heart of Nepal, including the villages cared for by ChildReach Nepal.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible.

There are many villages in the mountainous regions of Nepal surrounding Mount Everest that have been decimated by the Earthquake. Many are accessible by helicopter only. Our donations will help provide the essentials of life, from water, to food, shelter and basic sanitary items .. as we then work to help these communities rebuild their villages, structures and lives.

At least 97% of your donation will make it to Nepal. Less than 3% of your donation will be required to cover the cost of Bank Fees and International Transfer Fees. All Rotarians in our Club are VOLUNTEERS. None of your Donation is used to pay wages or other Club operational Costs, meaning the maximum amount of your generosity goes direct to the people in need ... FAST.

Thank you for your kind support!
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