Brighton SLSC Competition Fees for 2017 Including ASRL Membership Fees for 2016-2017

Payment Information
The Surf Sport Standing Committee (SSSC) of Surf Lifesaving SA  conduct  seven autonomous State Championship events, viz Senior State Championships, Junior State Championships, Masters State Championships, IRB State Championships, Pool State Championships, Lifesaving State Championships and Board Riding State Championships.  Please follow the prompt payments.

*All junior competition fees included in their Registration

*The Clubs are invoiced based on entries in the Event Management System immediately after each event.  

*ASRL (Boat Rowers Fees set by the ASRL)

Registration     Price Quantity

ASRL Membership Plus South Aust Membership   
(U19 yrs of age free)per competitor
ASRL all new singlets or replacement   
singlets (inc. U19`s)
Senior States     $38.50
Masters State Titles including Compt Levy of   
Pool Rescue     $52.25
Board Riding     $38.50
IRB State Titles     $44.00
Lifesaving Events (R&R, Lifesaver of year,   
Champion Patrol, First Aid) per event
March Past 2017     $8.50

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