Chaffey Dam Camp 2018

8 - 13 January, 2018
2:00 PM

Chaffey Dam Recreational Reserve
Nundle Road
Bowling Alley Point, New South Wales

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Chaffey Dam Camp is for those who like the outdoors! There will be loads of opportunities to sail a catamaran, cruise on a canoe or have some great time's on our lilly pad. There’ll also be water skiing, knee boarding, ski biscuits and wake boarding. If you get tired of the water or have a little too much sun, there will be loads of other things to do such as table tennis, volley ball, cricket, air hockey, foosball, or just chilling with friends. Apart from all that activity we will be spending time each day getting into God’s word. There will also be a band and live music every day.
This event closed for registrations on 6/1/2018

The camp runs from Monday 8th January - Saturday 13th January 2018. A
rrival for ALL campers is only between 2pm & 4pm on the Monday.
Guys & girls in Year 7 through to Year 12 in 2018 (or have been in Year 12 in 2017) 

The cost per camper covers all meals and snacks, activity expenses and accommodation. 

On the following page you will also have the option to make a contribution (an amount of your choosing) towards helping us replace camp equipment.

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