28 December 2017 - 1 January, 2018
10:00 AM

Wedderburn Christian Campsite
208 Minerva Road
Wedderburn, NSW

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Dare 2B Different will be five days of fun over the New Year for young people with and without additional needs that will guarantee you new challenges and friendships. You’ll discover more about yourself, other people and God. You’ll learn new life skills and take away amazing experiences and memories.
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This event closed for registrations on 1/1/2018

Family Discount
If there is more than one person attending from the same family, the first person pays the full fee, but each subsequent family member pays only $189. 

Register as 'Additional Camper/s' for any subsequent family members.

Camper Fee Help
Camper Fee help is available upon request.
Please email d2bdcamp@gmail.com for more info. 

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